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My modest wish in making art; art that is pure, honest and unadorned; is that the process of interpreting my physical world with focused intentionality reached down into my soul to bedrock of truth that was given to me thirty-something year ago through faith. The premise of this faith is the belief that the physical world I paint exists because of a creative God, and this God and His creation of the physical world can be fully known through Christ.


In my struggle to interpret an apple, inking knife, or chair, I give myself over to the way light dances over planes of color. The relationship is formed and I become small compared to the significance of the image, uncluttered, solid and straightforward. A powerful presence is possible through absence. When good comes to the surface of the canvas, I sense a direct overflow of the indwelling Spirit of God. The aim is not to glorify the image but to glorify the Creator and call attention to His goodness to me.