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Cecilia Haught

Through her richly colored and highly realistic paintings, Cecilia Haught takes her viewers to places of pleasure, relaxation and warmth. Although she paints a large variety of subjects in multi-styles, the primary theme of her work is creating pleasing emotions and warm atmospheres.  Whether in murals, on antique windows, or on canvas, Cecilia’s works truly take her viewers to another place.  Her fascination with and use of strong, natural light lends to the sense of reality in her paintings.Cecilia has created an exciting line of photorealism that is growing in popularity.  These mostly oversized paintings capture human moments by simply showing feet.  And, although the subjects are anonymous, the bare feet create a wonderful sense of intimacy.  The images impress viewers with their detail, mastery of light and strong compositions.  In these, Cecilia refines a moment and tells a story of uncomplicated happiness and companionship.

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