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Jeff Jamison

"Most days, I am a contemporary Impressionist, but I would like to reserve the right not to be at any moment."

Growing up in Middle Tennessee, Jeff’s fascination “with the look things” began at an early age. He found art in unexpected places- “When I wasn’t playing baseball or football I was in my room drawing sports and imagery from James Bond movies.” His fascination with how light falls across objects casting shadow, bouncing, flaring,and reflecting made him attempt to capture and simulate those occurrences in pencil which eventually led Jeff to art classes. His serious art classes began at Middle Tennessee State University in 1977. In 1982, Jeff enrolled in the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida graduating two years later and immediately went to work as an Editorial Illustrator.

As Jeff has evolved as a painter his work has taken on greater elements of abstraction. His careful selection of shapes and perfectly placed bright paint here and there adds elements of life and movement to his work.”Sometimes a painting creates itself,and sometimes you call it a truce. If you change any little thing in a painting, you change everything in that painting. What I have found so enjoyable is that I no longer try to control everything that happens from beginning to end. I take myself out of the whole process. Jeff was born in 1958, is an associate member of OPA.

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