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Julia Wallace

A native of Alabama, I received a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, was a critical care nurse, then marketed
pharmaceuticals for many years before beginning my art career.

My journey into painting began in 2009 and I have been painting as a full-time artist since 2014. I am
drawn to the female figure and face and prefer to start my paintings with gestural drawings and large
shapes, layered with thin layers of monochromatic oil washes. Most recently, I layer my paintings with
lots of abstract texture, drama, and color along with charcoal and oil pastels mixed among the layers.
There is a connection when painting the face, and I love to capture the expressions, emotions, and
personalities of the people in my paintings.

You can find me in my studio working on two or three paintings at a time, bouncing between paintings
to keep my perspective fresh!

More recently, I have been teaching color mixing as well as figure and portrait painting workshops and
love assisting other artists to discover and fine-tune their creative voices!

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