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In the creative experience, I focus on the transfer of positive energy from palette to canvas. In my oil paintings, I strive for a sense of looseness, using suggestion and impression to convey the form and message in each piece. I have a deep love of nature and use the beauty of my travels to portray color, sun and shadow in the landscape. Art patrons often call me a “colorist” which is very consistent with my own view of my work.

My source of inspiration evolves from my passion for travel and art adventures in the U.S., France, Italy and other ports of call. Techniques revolve around the use of both palette knife and brush as a tool for creating texture and mood in self expression. Bold strokes are emphasized to allow my emotions and thoughts to be channeled to the canvas. Detail is an afterthought. I have developed my own unique approach to convey both impressionism and expressionism in my work. The works of Van Gogh, Monet and Pissarro are a source of inspiration in my early studies. Making statements about how I feel about a subject rather than how it may look in reality is a trademark of each piece.

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