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Littlest One 12”x12”.jpg

Veronica Clark

At a very young age, Veronica discovered her passion for animals and art. She started riding and drawing at the age of 2. Some years later her creative spirit was rekindled by a friend’s invitation to an art class. She hasn’t stopped painting since then! Born in England, she has lived in different parts of western Europe and the US and brings those life experiences into the images she creates. The results are works that reflect her affection for animals and life outside the metropolitan city as exemplified in her oil paintings. Veronica to this day continues to attend workshops to further hone her craft. Her latest efforts have been in bronze sculptures and her first pieces will be available later this year. Veronica resides in South Carolina with her husband and animal family on a farm. The animals are just outside of her studio and provide inspiration as well as subjects to include in her next piece.

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